Appointed Pastors

Dr. John Allen, Senior Pastor

On a typical Sunday, John presents the sermon for worship. During Sunday school and fellowship time, John is roaming the building, meeting new friends, and saying hello. He leads the staff, participates in pastoral care, teaches, and is available for spiritual counsel and prayer.

When not at the church, John likes to read, watch movies, work out, and attend sporting events. His greatest passion is his grown kids and grandkids. Spending time with them is his greatest joy in the world. If John were an ice cream flavor, he would be chocolate because everyone loves chocolate!

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Cindy Palmer, Associate Pastor

On Sundays, Cindy helps with the worship services and occasionally gets to preach. During the week, she is involved with benevolence and membership care ministries, which involves meetings with those coming into the church seeking financial help and members of the congregation needing emergency assistance. Cindy does pastoral care, along with oversight of Christian education, adult ministries, and First Methodist Preschool.

When Cindy is not at work, she likes to work in her yard and house. She likes to read and work on puzzles. If Cindy could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Austria or Switzerland and spend her time spinning on hillsides and singing "The hills are alive..." Contact Cindy.

Chiv In, Associate Pastor

Chiv splits his time between First Methodist Carrollton (quarter-time), the Cambodian United Methodist Fellowship congregation in Carrollton (quarter-time), and overseeing a network of church plants in rural Cambodia (half-time). On Sundays, he helps lead our services and preaches at the Cambodian Fellowship in the afternoons. During the week, he does pastoral care and hospital visits for both Carrollton churches, and he does long-distance discipleship training and pastoral care for the churches in Cambodia via phone calls and Skype (at all hours of the night, when necessary!)

When Chiv is not working, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife Emara and their many children and grandchildren. If Chiv were a dinosaur, he would be a velociraptor because he never slows down and he doesn't take no for an answer. Contact Chiv.


Dr. David Bales, Worship Pastor

In a typical Sunday morning worship service, you'll find David leading the music ensembles (band and vocals, choir and orchestra) and he's usually leading worship from the piano. During the week, he rehearses ensembles and plans music and other elements for worship, including writing arrangements for the various ensembles.

When David is not at work (and actually not working away from work), he likes to be with his family, enjoying a card game like UNO or Kittens in a Blender with his daughter Savannah, watching Doctor Who with his son Noah, or cooking with his wife Sarah. If David were an ice cream flavor, he would be Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy, because it's Sarah's favorite. Contact David.

Riley Bowles, Children and Families Pastor

On a typical Sunday, Riley is welcoming everyone to worship, and giving the morning announcements on what is going on here at FMC. After the announcements, Riley is helping out the children’s Sunday school classes with teaching the lesson and providing whatever the amazing volunteer team needs. During the week, Riley is connecting with families and volunteers to help coordinate upcoming events in the Children's Ministry.

When Riley is not at work, he is studying for his Master of Divinity at SMU Perkins School of Theology, making another cup of coffee to stay awake from all the studying, or is spending time with his wife and puppy. On the rare occasion, Riley has free time, he loves to go fishing, work out, and plan fun date nights for his wife Emmie!  If Riley had a superpower,  it would be super reading, so he could finish his homework faster and not need the extra cup of coffee. Contact Riley.

Rachel Knight, Outreach Director

(Rachel is currently out on family leave.) As Outreach Director, Rachel helps plan the events and activities that connect our church and the local community. She liaisons with external organizations and helps empower church volunteers to participate in filling every neighborhood with the good news of God's love. She also helps the staff and key volunteers with strategic planning and envisioning and implementing new ideas. 

When Rachel is not at work, she drives up and down Hebron Parkway shuffling her two kiddos, Asher and Banner, to school and activities. (She loves the car conversations!) Or you might find her exploring new coffee shops and restaurants and the occasional new fashion trend. Rachel loves to find new closets and drawers to organize and anything outdoors feeds her soul! if you can't find Rachel, she is probably at Disney World or on a beach... If Rachel had a superpower, it would be teleporting because she loves to travel to new places and frontiers! 

Jenn Magill, Director of Operations & Finance

On a typical Sunday, Jenn is making sure all the details are attended to and the building is ready for Sunday services and activities. During the week, she is responsible for the administrative and operational functions of the church, including management of the physical facilities, supervision of the custodial and facilities staff, church calendar system, security, contracts related to building use, and administration of the financial operations and assets of both the church and preschool.

When not at work, Jenn keeps busy with her family. She is married to Chad and has two children, Kenzie and Mason. Between running carpool, taking kids to their miscellaneous practices, and keeping up with her teenage daughter's social life, she doesn't have a lot of free time. But, she does love to read and find all kinds of new things to craft or cook on Pinterest, as well as float in her pool! If Jenn was an ice cream flavor, she would be Grape Sherbert because she loves almost everything purple, and she is sweet with a small bit of tang. :) Contact Jenn.  

Dedra Rainey, Children's Fine Arts Director

During a typical week, Dedra can be found singing and dancing with preschool and elementary-aged children. She teaches them a variety of songs - some just for fun and some to sing in church. During the summer, she gets to help with Vacation Bible School and leads WACKY Camp (Worship Arts Camp for Kids, Y'all!).   

When Dedra is not at work, she homeschools her four children and has an embroidery business she runs out of her home. In her "spare" time, she loves to spend time with her husband Doyen and their kids, read, sing, act, and go on the occasional run. If Dedra had a superpower, it would be replication. Then she could be in more than one place at a time. Talk about multi-tasking! Contact Dedra

Lauren Shirley, Communications Director & Missions Pastor

On a typical Sunday, Lauren is the service producer. She coordinates details with the pastors, oversees the tech team, and assists the worship team with anything except actually creating music. During the week, she maintains the tech equipment, manages the website, social media, and print production, wrangles the copier and cutter, oversees marketing and design for upcoming events, and occasionally dabbles in video editing and stage design. She also serves as the Missions Pastor. 

When not at work, Lauren likes to read and write, attempts to keep her garden alive, and cheers on the Texas Rangers. She enjoys coordinating classes for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. If Lauren were a dinosaur, she would be a pterodactyl because flying is more fun than being eaten. Contact Lauren.

Tim Thompson, Youth Pastor

On Sundays and Wednesdays, Tim leads all youth ministries and youth activities for our church. During the week, he coordinates teachings, events, and encourages the volunteer team. He also disciples students in our community and connects with the parents of our students as well.

When Tim is not at work, he is either playing golf, playing guitar, watching the Rangers play, or reading books. He likes playing sports and he's pretty good at all of them, except volleyball. If Tim had a superpower it would be telekinesis, because “Seriously, it is the best superpower to have! I would never have to get up to get the remote ever again!” Contact Tim

Lova Villarreal, Nursery Director

On a typical Sunday, Lova greets the children upon arrival. She helps parents get the kids checked in and leads them to their Sunday class. Lova coordinates the teachers and volunteers, as well as the curriculum, which includes the lessons and crafts, for the kiddos 4 years old and younger. She also works with the Children's team to help plan fun events for all our kids! During the week, Lova is the Assistant Director for First Methodist Preschool. Lova loves helping children grow in Christ and develop physically, emotionally, and academically.

When Lova is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. If Lova had a superpower, she would be a time traveler, because she would then have the ability to go back in time to meet Jesus. She can only imagine how that would be! She could also go back in time to see loved ones missed or visit the future! Contact Lova.

Kristin Taylor, Director of Connections & Hospitality

On a typical Sunday morning, you can usually find Kristin near the Welcome Desk greeting Members and Guests as they arrive for worship and classes. During the week Kristin enjoys reaching out to Members and Guests to help them connect to the FMC community. She also spends time planning and organizing events where we as a Church Community gather for fellowship and fun.

When Kristin is not at work she loves to spend time with friends & family. She and her husband Ron spend a fair amount of time watching their daughter Sydnie dance (on stage & the football field). She has a house full of fur babies: two Siberian Huskies and three extra fluffy kitties. Kristin can often be found relaxing on a beach or exploring new countries. She loves planning trips almost as much as going. If Kristin had a superpower, it would be apparation so she could explore more places and not lose a day or two traveling to get there. Contact Kristin.