Rev. Nick Matthews
Co-Senior Pastor

On a typical Sunday, Nick rises early, has coffee, and prays in preparation for what God is planning for our worship service. Around 10 a.m., he does a final review for worship with the entire worship team and then at 10:30 begins worshipping God in the sanctuary and watches how God shows up and shows out there. Pastors Nick and Blossom alternate preaching and leading other parts of the service. During the week, Nick leads the discipleship ministries of the church, including the Wesleyan classes, builds relationships with congregation members, and oversees the staff.

When Nick is not at work, he enjoys family time, which sometimes includes watching “Number Blocks” with Malachi (his favorite show at the moment). Nick also like to read and discuss ideas for ministry with Blossom. When circumstances allow, Nick does enjoy going hunting from time to time. If Nick were an Ice cream flavor, he would be coffee, simple but very enjoyable. 

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Rev. Dr. Blossom Matthews
Co-Senior Pastor

Pastor Blossom spends her time talking, listening, dreaming, planning, and praying. Her passions in ministry include preaching, healing ministry, and equipping people to live out their God-given calling. She especially focuses on encouraging Jesus-followers to engage in spiritual conversations with their friends and neighbors.

When Blossom is not at work, she enjoys spending time with family, reading, writing, admiring art, and trying her hand at painting. Pastor Nick and Blossom’s oldest children, Ruth and Josiah, are both in college (NMSU and Texas Tech) and Malachi is in middle school. The family also boasts a graceful wolfhound/greyhound named Lily and a rascal husky named Oreo. If Blossom had a super power, it would be flying…because doesn’t everyone wish they could fly?!

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Rev. Cindy Palmer
Associate Pastor

On Sundays, Cindy helps with the worship services and occasionally gets to preach. During the week, she is involved with benevolence and membership care ministries, which involves meetings with those coming into the church seeking financial help and members of the congregation needing emergency assistance. Cindy does pastoral care, along with oversight of local and global missions.

When Cindy is not at work, she likes to work in her yard and house. She likes to read and work on puzzles. If Cindy could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Austria or Switzerland and spend her time spinning on hillsides and singing “The hills are alive…”

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Rev. Chiv In
Associate Pastor

Chiv splits his time between First Methodist Carrollton (quarter-time), the Cambodian Methodist Fellowship congregation in Carrollton (quarter-time), and overseeing a network of church plants in rural Cambodia (half-time). On Sundays, he helps lead our services and preaches at the Cambodian Fellowship in the afternoons. During the week, he does pastoral care and hospital visits for both Carrollton churches, and he does long-distance discipleship training and pastoral care for the churches in Cambodia via phone calls and Skype (at all hours of the night, when necessary!)

When Chiv is not working, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his wife Emara and their many children and grandchildren. If Chiv were a dinosaur, he would be a velociraptor because he never slows down and he doesn’t take no for an answer.

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Tiffany Briley
Director of Children and Discipleship

On a typical Sunday, Tiffany can be found serving children and their families or assisting children’s ministry volunteers. During the week, she coordinates the discipleship programs and events to promote the spiritual development of children and adults.

When Tiffany is not at work, she cares for and spends time with her son, Joshua. Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family and having coffee with friends. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys reading, taking walks, traveling, and going to the trampoline park ☺. If Tiffany had a super power, it would be time travel, because she would love to travel to the future and gain insight on how to effectively evangelize and bring revival to future generations.

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Jenn Magill
Director of Operations & Finance

On a typical Sunday, Jenn is making sure all the details are attended to and the building is ready for Sunday services and activities. During the week, she is responsible for the administrative and operational functions of the church, including management of the physical facilities, supervision of the custodial and facilities staff, church calendar system, security, contracts related to building use, and administration of the financial operations and assets of both the church and preschool.

When not at work, Jenn keeps busy with her family. She is married to Chad and has two children, Kenzie and Mason. Between running carpool, taking kids to their miscellaneous practices, and keeping up with her teenage daughter’s social life, she doesn’t have a lot of free time. But, she does love to read and find all kinds of new things to craft or cook on Pinterest, as well as float in her pool! If Jenn was an ice cream flavor, she would be Grape Sherbert because she loves almost everything purple, and she is sweet with a small bit of tang.

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Christian Schlabs
Worship Production Director

On a typical Sunday, Christian is behind the audio console making sure everything sounds great for the worship service. Throughout the week, Christian is making sure that technology is running smoothly across the campus, and helps curate the worship experience for the coming weekend.

When Christian is not at work he is likely watching a soccer game, reading a book, or in the garden. If Christian had a super power, it would be teleportation because he wouldn’t have to drive anywhere again!

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Amy Smith
Connections Coordinator & Pastoral Assistant

During the week, you can find Amy assisting our Senior Pastors with their administrative and organizational duties. As the Connections Coordinator, she manages our guest and membership databases and follows up with our guests. Amy also serves as a liaison with our hospitality teams and office volunteers.

When Amy is not at work you can find her losing her mind over her crazy home. From her husband, 3 boys, 2 cats and 5 chickens, there is plenty of commotion. She sometimes will hide out in her vegetable garden or read a book for some quiet time. And in her spare time, she helps out with Scout Troop 121 as their advancement chair. If Amy was a sandwich, she would be a grilled cheese. Plain and simple but with a spicy side of tomato basil soup.

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Michele Smith
Assistant Director, First Methodist Preschool

Michele is the Assistant Director of First Methodist Preschool, which meets Monday-Friday during the school year. She assists in the management of the program, promotes a positive Preschool image within the community and establishes strong relationships with state licensing. Much of the responsibility of her position involves record keeping for the program and communicating with teachers, parents and children. She must be equipped and prepared to be in charge of the program when the director is not present.

When Michele is not at work, she loves spending time with her husband and two boys. They enjoy hiking and watching movies together. She also dabbles in art and woodworking. Creativity is her therapy. Though she loves creating art, she says her greatest passion is working with children! She is so honored to help them grow and learn along the way. If Michele had a super power, she would have the power to be at multiple places at one time because getting things done would be so much faster.

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Samantha Tan
Nursery Director

On a typical Sunday, Samantha greets the children upon arrival. She helps parents get the kids checked in and leads them to their Sunday class. She oversees, supervises, and assists teachers for the babies, toddlers, and preschool (ages 3-4) classes. She communicates with parents to accommodate each child’s needs. Her responsibilities also include recruitment of staff, training, coordinating, budgeting, classroom maintenance, and communications between staff, parents, and church. During the week, Samantha is one of our amazing teachers at First Methodist Preschool.

When not at work, Samantha enjoys reading, watching movies, listening to music, and chilling with her family. If Samantha had a superpower, it would be super speed, so she could be in multiple places or destinations in a super short time. She could visit all her loved ones constantly and not miss them too much.

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Tim Thompson
Youth Director

On Sundays and Wednesdays, Tim leads all youth ministries and youth activities for our church. During the week, he coordinates teachings, events, and encourages the volunteer team. He also disciples students in our community and connects with the parents of our students as well.

When Tim is not at work, he is either playing golf, playing guitar, watching the Rangers play, or reading books. He likes playing sports and he’s pretty good at all of them, except volleyball. If Tim had a superpower it would be telekinesis, because “Seriously, it is the best superpower to have! I would never have to get up to get the remote ever again!”

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Lova Villarreal
Director, First Methodist Preschool

Lova is the Director of First Methodist Preschool, which meets Monday-Friday during the school year. She effectively operates and manages all aspects of the program. including human resources, customer relations, marketing, education programs, financial responsibilities and physical facility. Lova communicates and manages relations with teachers, parents and children. She promotes a positive image of the program with the community and establishes strong working relationships with licensing authorities, local and county health departments, and other regulatory agencies.

When Lova is not at work, she enjoys making memories with her family. She enjoys spending time at the beach, reading, crafting, bowling, and watching movies with her family. Lova also enjoys spending time with her German Shepherd, Belle. If Lova had a superpower, it would be telekinesis, because loading the dishwasher without moving a finger sounds great to her.

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