• Chiv & Emara In — Heart for Cambodia

    After escaping the Khmer Rouge and emigrating to the United States, Chiv In never planned to return to Cambodia. However, the Lord had other plans, and He has led Chiv and Emara to be instrumental in the founding of seven churches in Cambodia. Chiv and Emara make regular trips to Cambodia to disciple a growing number of disciples and to share the life-changing message of Jesus. If you would like to donate to Heart for Cambodia through our FMC, designate your gift and we can get the donation to HFC.

    Charles & Becky Jackson — Generous Hands Ministries, Inc.

    The primary focus of Generous Hands Ministries, Inc is to lift up and proclaim the message of what God the Father has done through His son Christ Jesus. We do this through providing food, medicine and prayer for the hungry and those in need of medical assistance. In conjunction with these projects we teach, preach and disciple. We also look for ways that will enable these people to be self supporting (micro loan and economic development). Our vision is to be more involved with development than with relief but we realize that there are certain circumstances where relief is the necessary first response. Our goal in each of these fields is for the people to become self supportive. Currently, Generous Hands is involved in projects in the Philippines. 

    David J. — 1615 Church Missions Coaching

    David spent 10 years serving as a Firefighter, EMT & Fire Inspector for the city of Fort Worth. He retired in November of 2012 to go into full time ministry. After serving for 8 years as the Texas Regional Director of Perspectives, he joined the staff of 1615 Church Missions Coaching. As a Missions Coach and Director of Operations, David helps churches strategically discover and use their unique gifts in partnership with others to make Christ known among all nations. 1615 offers personalized coaching for individual churches and networks, as well as producing free training content via podcasts, videos, and blogs to help churches strategically reach the unreached.

    Bob & Ann Rosser — Mission Kenya

    Mission Kenya is a Christian non-profit organization working to reach the hearts and minds of the people of Africa by furthering the education of Christian pastors, advocating for women and children’s spiritual literacy, and instilling hope, determination and belief in their goals, their dreams and their hopes for a better life. More than 1,400 pastors have been trained through the Morell School, established by Dr. Paul Morell, former pastor of First Methodist Carrollton. Bridges has established various economic development projects such as milk goats, chickens, bee keeping, soap making, and rabbits.

    John & Rebeca Scarbrough — YWAM Mexico

    John and Rebeca have been working in the State of Yucatan in Mexico from their early beginnings with YWAM Minneapolis (1998). Rebeca grew up in Tedzidz, Mexico, and now they have returned there to pastor and disciple, as well as provide practical training and tools to aid sustainable development in the area. God has given them revelation as to His heart for the people in Tedzdiz, with the purpose of being able to reach the lost and demonstrate living a personal relationship with God. Meet John and Rebeca and family here.

    Luke Raju - Faith, Hope, & Charity Ministries, India

    Luke Raju supports pastors in India, both financially and traveling to preach and offer other aid to the pastors and their congregations. Luke also built a home for girls called My Father's House, where orphaned girls receive excellent care and education.

We can't share all the good news...

In order to protect our missionaries and the people they work with, we can't publicly share the identities of all of them, but God is using them in great ways to bring people to Himself, even in areas where the Gospel is not permitted to be proclaimed.