Parenting Well

Parenting Well
Location: First Methodist Carrollton, 2201 E Hebron Pkwy, Carrollton, TX US 75010-4442

Parenting in the most challenging job we have! Sometimes we can feel lost in the chaos of life and these little people don't come with an instruction guide. I'm Meagan Jackson, a counselor who specializes in working with children and families. I work to empower and encourage parents on this wonderful, challenging and exciting journey of parenting. If you are feeling stuck with your kiddo, overwhelmed by some of the behaviors you are experiencing, on different pages than your partner, or want some more ways to connect with your child, please come to our class and share the journey with us. We will limit class sizes to facilitate discussions, so sign up below!

We are offering this class twice this semester: from September 11-October 16 OR from October 30-December 11.

Here is a rough outline of the class schedule:
Week one: Ages and Stages - understanding development
Week two: What's going on inside that head? - understanding brain development
Week three: Great Expectations - setting appropriate expectation for self and child
Week four: Taming the Madness - understanding behaviors and challenging behaviors and ways to address them
Week five: Teaching and Growing - discipline
Week six: Enjoying my Kiddo - creating connecting time with your child


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