Join us for GriefShare, a compassionate and understanding support group designed to provide a safe space for individuals grappling with the challenging emotions of grief. Guided by facilitator Joanne Carter, this 13-week program is set to commence on January 17, 2024, running every Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in room 228.

GriefShare offers a unique journey through the unpredictable landscape of grief, helping you understand what to expect in the days ahead and providing insights into the "normal" aspects of grief. Unlike rigid stages, GriefShare acknowledges the fluidity of grief and equips participants with practical coping mechanisms, fostering a supportive community every step of the way.

Highlights of the GriefShare experience include engaging video sessions, insightful teachings, and dedicated time for group processing. Throughout the 13-week class, participants will find solace in shared experiences, gaining strength and understanding as they navigate their unique grief journeys.

Online registration opens on January 3rd, and a $20 fee covers the cost of a comprehensive workbook. Secure your spot by providing your name, email, and cell phone details during registration. Don't miss this opportunity to find comfort, support, and healing as you embark on the path of grief with GriefShare.

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Event Coordinator Cindy Palmer

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