Mission Week

This year’s Missions Weeks will be February 12 & 19.

The Missions Team sponsors events over two weeks early each year to communicate to the church all about the mission efforts we support and to educate and challenge the church to understand best practices in missions and why we do what we do. At the end of the weeks, we ask for Faith Promise commitments, for individuals and families to pray about giving as God provides, over and above their usual tithes and gifts, specifically for missions and funding the things we can support.

February 12 – Karen and Renod Bejjani will be our special speakers in church. They will teach and challenge us to start spiritual conversations with people we know and people we encounter. Their ministry is specifically to Muslims, but how they encourage us to share Christ can apply to anyone. Their website is https://ihopeministries.org/

February 19 – Lauren Palmer will preach in the morning service. We will hold a Sunday school assembly, inviting all adult classes to join together in Fellowship Hall to hear from missionaries Chiv In and Luke Raju.

February 19 – At 6 PM, we will hold an International Dinner in the Sanctuary featuring foods prepared by our members and Conversation Hour participants from their home countries. The Cambodian Fellowship will provide the main course, and guests can taste new foods and chat with the people who prepared them. We would like to encourage all church members to come for this dinner, as it honors our international friends and their cultures.

International Dinner is free. If you want to support with a donation, you can give to the event.