Morning of Prayer

On October 16, we’re having a special morning of prayer as we join our worship times. This special moment is meant as a way for us to:

  • intentionally move around our campus
  • pray for the ministries that occur in each room
  • give thanks for the lives that are changed
  • pray for a further outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our community.

We’ll have signs around campus showing where key areas to stop and pray are, as well as a prayer guide. (This will also be offered in a digital fashion so you can still participate remotely.)

Come as a family; come as friends. Just like we take moments in our worship service to pause and prayerfully listen to what God is speaking to us on the morning, we want to cultivate a posture of prayer and to see our church as God sees it.

We anticipate this walk through campus won’t take longer than 20 minutes. Childcare will begin at 9 a.m.