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Published July 31, 2014 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

Last week I traveled to a remote village 7 hours north of Hyderabad (Macherla). It was difficult traveling but we had some special moments with the new believers and seekers. On Sunday morning I looked out of where I was staying and saw a large group of monkeys coming through the village. It appeared that they were looking for food. When they saw that we had bananas we had to make a “mad dash” for our room. I have enclosed a photo of some of the visitors as well as the room where we were staying.  From the outside it looks like a “jail cell.” You can imagine how humorous it must have been to see three men run behind the bars just out of the reach of the monkeys! Another photo is of the children’s group which has just started to meet. It was a real joy to share with them the good things of the Lord. 

We continue to share with small groups daily and also are taking advantage of the opportunity to share with many evangelists and pastors who we regularly visit and support. Thank you for your prayers. Barukh HaShem (Hebrew:  “Bless the Name” which is the same as “The Lord be blessed.”).

Only By His Grace,

Charles and Becky



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