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Just a note to let you know your prayers and the prayers of the other “Texas Warriors” are really appreciated.  I have been traveling and have completed four teaching sessions

with rural pastors and evangelists.  I also had some quality time with 7 loan groups which women Micro Loan groups which were started in 2005.  Three of the loan groups (thirty women) are ready to start a Christian fellowship.  All of these women were formally Hindus!  We give all the praise to the Lord!  I had a great time with the pastors and evangelists in Nellore.  Many of them, if not all , you met when they came to “My Father’s House.”  We are expecting to have between 600-1,000  at the evening meetings (Tuesday and Wednesday, Nellore)  and 300 at the teaching session for the pastors and evangelists.  I also had the privilege to baptize 16 new members into the Kingdom.  These new believers are all from Mulkanoor  which is a small city three hours north of Hyderabad. 

Please let all the prayer partners know how effective their prayers have been.  I will travel to Chennai on Wednesday and meet with the team when they arrive on Friday evening.  

Only By  His Grace,



And from Sharon:

We arrived safely and with all our baggage last night. Today was a down day, but we visited the site where St Thomas was martyred, yes that was here in Chennai. It is very hot and can really sap you out but had fun. We also ate at a place called Sparkys Diner that had barbeque, Mexican food etc…fun!  Tomorrow we split up to two churches, Geoff and Johnny will be preaching, so pray for them. Geoff has to do it in a suit, no small feat in this heat. Then tomorrow afternoon we will head to village near my Father’s House. Blessings, Pass it on, Sharon 


And a few pictures:

Charles almost loses one - India mission

New Members - India Mission

Sharing in Nellore - India mission

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