Monday India Update

Published October 3, 2011 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

It is Monday morning here, we are now in the town Kannavaram close to the orphanage. We will head out to the orphanage soon and cook our breakfast there and do some wall building. The heat really is oppressive and the hotel we are at now has regular black outs because the coal workers are on strike. 

We had a good morning yesterday. Geoff, Charles and family went to a Methodist church that was very formal. The reports were good about Geoff’s message. The rest of us had a blessed time at Carmel Christian Church. Worship was lead by a converted Muslim, lots of children because the church also has an orphanage. Johnny blessed them with his message and the pastor connected it to their word for the month. 

Everyone is doing well physically. Pray for us today as we work in the heat. The thing that has surprised me most in a area that is only about 1 percent Christian, there are more churches than Cambodia and on cabs, walls, etc. they have scriptures painted. There are lots of people and lots of traffic.

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