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Last night we did a brief worship service to introduce the Texas team to the England team. Michael shared his testimony and it was a wonderful way to kick off the week. This was followed by a potluck (it IS a Methodist Church!). The food was amazing and the congregation is very loving and dear. It is no wonder that Keva misses them so. We spent the next two hours playing games together so we could get to know each other.  At 8:30 we were released to go to our host homes for much a needed rest!

This morning (Sunday), we all met at the church for our briefing before we divided into our 3 groups. One group stayed at Central Methodist, one group went to the church in Rawmarsh and the other to the church in Broom. The kids shared their testimonies, sang, Amy and Ashton danced and we were warmly received. The kids are having a grand time and they have won the hearts of our British hosts. They have already blessed them greatly. What a joy to watch your kids in action. I am continually amazed at how they are willing to share their faith so freely.

Missions Oak - Robin Hood Oak TreeThis afternoon, we went to the Sherwood Forest! Yes, the Robin Hood Sherwood Forest and saw the famous live oak, which was truly amazing! This tree is 1,150 years old. It has a large hole in the trunk so you can walk inside. Legend has it this was where Robin Hood lived. The weather was beautiful …49 and party sunny. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Tonight, we had an evening service at Central. We will have more testimonies, dancing, the missions monologue with Amy, Connor and Michael. Ashton’s solo and Anna will be painting. It has been fun to share with these congregations a little about the way we worship at First Church.

Missions Anna Painting - Anna's Painting

Everyone is having a great time. God is good and He is using us in wonderful ways. Thanks for your prayers.  Oh, and to the parents, all the kids say “hi.”

Tomorrow our ministry in the schools begins. Please be in prayer that we will be able to touch their lives in a power way. We have to be careful how we phrase our words, but we know that God can do mighty things in whatever we offer to Him.

I’ll send another update tomorrow evening (England time).

Serving Him in England,

Dana and the team

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