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Published April 7, 2011 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

The blessings for this years Germany trip started before the trip ever happened. I was worried about being able to take time off of work since I had just started a new job, but as usual, God provided and time off wasn’t an issue.

I was worried about the finances with the trip, so I prayed for guidance. Last year I raised support money for the trip, but I felt like I should pay for this year on my own. I prayed that I would have no issues affording the trip, and I even prayed that I wouldn’t have to try very hard to get the money. 2 days after praying this, I got an email saying that the church in Germany wanted to provide a donation for myself and for James. The money covered half of my plane ticket. 

Again, God provided.

I was a little apprehensive about leaving my pregnant wife at home, but I knew that God would protect her and my daughter while I was away. When I left for Germany, I hadn’t been able to feel the baby move inside her stomach. She texted me Tuesday night and said that she could actually see the baby moving in her stomach. It made me more homesick, but it gave me something incredible to look forward to coming home to. Thinking about my wife, my daughter and my new daughter to come gave me great inspiration to lead bible studies about families, love and relationships. The team responded incredibly well to the studies, and had things not happend the way that they did at home, I probably would not have had the inspiration. Again, God provided.

Last year and this year, I have been prone to spiritual attacks on the trip, and unfortunately, prone to believing the lies that I am told as part of these attacks. While I was on the trip this year, I struggled with the thought of past choices that I had made, and with regrets that I had for my life. I started to wonder what I was doing in Germany, and why I even came. I was angry at myself, and I felt like I didn’t belong there, despite the constant love from the youth, and the constant reminders of God’s glory. On Thursday night at the worship service, the Americans and leaders stood seperate from the group, and we allowed the German youth to come to us so we could pray for them. I felt like I had no business being available for them to pray with. As I stood there, 2 young men, Manuel and Hendrik came up to me. Hendrik said that he wanted to start living his life for the lord, and he asked me to pray for him. That is why I was in Germany. That is why I left my family. I doubted myself, and God provided. I was moved to tears, and it was an experience that I will never forget. Mike Garst, Sam Roop, Axel Gartner and myself all prayed over him. God was glorified by the work that we did, and it showed. I was under attack, and God provided.

The fact is, that even as a small group, we accomplish so much in Germany. We are provided for, and what we do works, plain and simple. 

My experiences this year have led me to really search hard after God’s will for my life. I am hearing God’s calling in my life now more than ever. I feel called to spread the Message with people that don’t know the lord. More specifically, I am feeling called to do sports camp mission trips, specifically in the Germany area, and Europe in general. I feel like God wants me to do this on a full time basis. I am continuing to pray for clarification and to continue to know God’s will for my life. It’s it’s God’s will, it will happen! God provides!

My hope and my prayer is that as more and more people hear my testimony, they will be inspired to search hard for God’s will in their lives. God always provides. He has provided for me in my journeys, and I know he will provide for you in yours. May God bless you.

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