Mid-Week Update from the Honduras Team

Published March 13, 2013 by First Methodist Carrollton in 

I heard from the Honduras team yesterday! They are visiting the New Life Children’s Home in Jalaca, Honduras for this week. The orphanage has about 51 children from toddlers to age 17. It is run by Ron and Annette Thiesen. Annette’s parents started it about ten years ago after retiring, and have since passed it on when they re-retired!

They seem to be doing great. The men are digging ditches to lay a new water pipe to irrigate fields and tilapia ponds and Lindy has been teaching sewing classes to the older girls and sewing items for them non-stop. She had nine girls to teach and as of yesterday, six of the projects were completed. She is also sewing draperies for the dorm houses that the kids live in, “with usually 3+ kids hanging over my shoulder watching and messing with my stuff,” she says. 

Breaks in sewing come when the power goes out, which is apparently relatively frequent, “but,” she says, “you can cut hair with no power and I have trimmed up all but two of the girls.” I think that’s about 25 haircuts! Good thing she’s had so much practice over the past 30 years.

They just got word yesterday of some pretty scary criminal activity close to the orphanage, so they are keeping a closer eye on the kids and always traveling in groups. One prayer request is that the government officials would let them move the road that goes right through the orphanage property to the outside of the property, which would be safer for the kids.

The team continues to enjoy the kids and to pray for them individually. They were fortunate for this particular short-term trip to be able to have pictures, information, and prayer requests specific to every kid before they left on the trip. 

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