Spring Break

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This week we have FOUR different groups going to FOUR different continents on mission trips from First Church.

  • A group will be going to London to do some children’s, youth, and adult ministry there and to investigate how to be involved in the future with our youth.
  • A group will be going to Cambodia to dedicate the new church building that we were able to fund as a bonus from the funds left over from the O’Khmom building!
  • A group will be going to Colombia to minister to the street kids there and to help with the ongoing ministry in Bogota.
  • And a group will be going to Cape Town, South Africa, to visit ministry partners and to see how to be involved in hunger relief ministry in the future.

If you ARE NOT going on one of these trips, please pray for those that are going, that they will be ambassadors for Christ, showing his character to the nations. Pray for the people they will encounter and for the ministry that they will be doing, that everything will go according to God’s plan (even if that’s not the go-ers’ plan!) And then consider if, when, and where God might be calling you in the coming months!

If you ARE going, in addition to the other preparations for your trip, I’d encourage you to go get a journal. Write down what you do each day, what you see, and what God shows you about himself and his kingdom. When you get back, let us know how it was! What you learned! How your heart was changed! It is much easier to share your experiences after a trip if you are chronicling them during the trip. Just an idea!

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