Rev. Nick Matthews

Co-Senior Pastor

On a typical Sunday, Nick rises early, has coffee, and prays in preparation for what God is planning for our worship service. Around 10 a.m., he does a final review for worship with the entire worship team and then at 10:30 begins worshipping God in the sanctuary and watches how God shows up and shows out there. Pastors Nick and Blossom alternate preaching and leading other parts of the service. During the week, Nick leads the discipleship ministries of the church, including the Wesleyan classes, builds relationships with congregation members, and oversees the staff. 

When Nick is not at work, he enjoys family time, which sometimes includes watching “Number Blocks” with Malachi (his favorite show at the moment). Nick also like to read and discuss ideas for ministry with Blossom. When circumstances allow, Nick does enjoy going hunting from time to time. If Nick were an Ice cream flavor, he would be coffee, simple but very enjoyable.

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